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Information about Donation accepted by Trust & Utilization of Donation :

Aims & Objectives :

In the sentence in Vedas “Ydnen Danen Tapasa “ the significance of Charity based on religious efforts is explained to the curious Sadhak. Various donations are explained in the Upanishad. Saints told their devotees “What ever to be given should be given faithfully. Faithless donation is fruitless. Others would keep contact so far you have money. So save the money sufficient for wants, but don’t be tempted.” This preaching about common behavior is for the well being. It is the advice that, “ Show the pity, Give the Charity, control yourself & you will be happy.” In this way Saint advised common people through Charity.

The amount of donation is used for the daily administration of the Trust to fulfill the requirements like accommodation of the pilgrims, to supply the medical services and Ann Sahay to the poor & needy. In addtion to this, we serve thw society at large in different modes.These donations are accepted in the form of cash (Indian as well as foreign currencies) money orders, Postal orders, Crossed and A/c Payee Cheques or Demand Drafts, and also in the form of kind donations i.e. article and commodities.

Charitable/Development Donation :
Abhishek Funds :
  • Rudrabhishek
  • Rudri
  • Dugdhabhishek
  • Bilv Pujan (101 Bilv Patra)
  • Navgraha Mantra Jap (1001)
  • Mahamutrunjay Jap (1001)
  • Shivsahastranam Path
  • Yagna Yajman Fund
Laghu-Puja Funds :
  • Laghurudra Sada
  • Mahamutrunjay Jap / Rudrabishek
  • Maha puja
  • Mahashivratri Yajman Fund
Anndan Funds :
  Nearly 200 poor widows are provide alms like, Grain, grocery, sugar, salt, oil etc. free every month, also 100 bhikhsuks take benefit of taking meal in the temple complex on Mondays. The fund is used for the expenditure of the above. Donations are always accepted under this head.
General Funds :
Medical Aids and Health Activities :

Medical Aids provided to sufferer in forms of Drugs and subsidising expenses towards operation etc. Also, Each month trust organises Ayurvedic camp and provide medicines at subsidised rates.

In addition to that, we arrange free camps for various Pranayam and Yoga to cure diseas and maintenance of health.

Educational Aids Fund :

We helps Schools,Colleges and Educational Institutions for Infrastructural Developments and other needs. Also, we arrange cultural Camps for primary level students. Notebooks and books are distrubated to the needy students as and when required.

Traditional Cultural Activities and Social Services Fund :

We held various cultural activities like, Gauri Vrat, Vad Savitri, Shravani Pooja free of cost at temple complex. Gharaiya Compition , Dipavali and New Year get togather functions are also held.
Also, we arrange food and other need in Natural Calamities like Earthquack, Flood. In Emergency critical sitution like, Train accidents,Road accidents, Fire, Our Trust is always present.

Repair, Supervision & Administration Fund :

Trust is providing more and more facilities of accommodation, medical help etc. to the devotees visiting to Trust Property is also increasing. This fund is used for maintainance and repairs of the property and for the administration of facilities. As the Temple complex is ever developing, the Trust property is always repaired and renovated. Donation is always accepted in this fund.

Donations are accepted in the following ways :
A) Cash Donation :

1) Cash donation is accepted in the Indian or Foreign currencies in the Trust's authorized offices.

2) If donation is given by Cheque / DD / Travel Cheque the acknowledgement receipt is issued immediately. Final receipt is issued after realisation of Cheque / DD / Travel Cheque etc.

B) Postal Donation :

Please send the Cheque, DD, M.O., B.P.O., Travel Cheque etc. in the Indian or foreign currency in the Name of 'Shri Somnath Mandir Turst, Bilimora' on the following address.

C) We Accept all Credit / Debit Cards :

We Accept all Credit / Debit Cards for Donation on Donation office at Bilimora.

D) Through Bank

Trust is having its accounts in the following branch of nationalised bank in Bilimora:

1. State Bank of India (Bilimora) A/c - 10689153663

For More Information please Contact

Shri Somnath Mandir Trust,
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Post. Bilimora 396 321 Tal. Gandevi Dist. Navsari (Gujrat)
Phone : +91-2634-283899
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Thank you for your valuable co-operation
Shri Somanth Mahadev Mandir ane te ange ni Milkat Trust, Bilimora.